The number of clients, intensity and dynamics as well as where the course takes place are defined in an agreement with the client. Depending on the number of students, Contego offers the following courses:


Teacher working with a single student. Classes take place 2 or 3 times a week (4-8 sessions). This is most suitable for those who have to communicate in a foreign language on a daily basis or who must learn a language in a short period of time, efficiently and with a minimum loss of time. These classes are custom-made and highly focused on client’s needs.


There are 2-8 students in a group with equal or similar levels of previous knowledge.  Classes take place at regular intervals throughout a semester (twice weekly). At lower levels, we use textbooks (sometimes for general English), but shortly move to material for business English. Here we also apply tailor made lessons (especially at higher levels). This group work has no lesser dynamic or efficiency, since themes and activities are selected, based on the needs and interests of all students in a respective group.


Conversational level courses offer a possibility of polishing, brushing up and extending ones knowledge and skills. We recommend taking this course after having completed level six, in order to remain in touch with the language. These courses are utterly flexible (sometimes one class per week is sufficient), depending on client needs. This is also a tailored course.


These courses take place once a week and comprise 3 or more sessions. They are especially suitable for smaller groups who cannot attend courses at standard times (twice a week). We do not recommend them for lower levels due to an extensive learning load within a short time period.