The primary goal of our programmes is to enhance your communication skills, which means that we aim to prepare you to perform well in various situations met in today’s business world, be it working with consultants, auditors and sponsors or having to attend seminars and similar.
Our tailored courses will teach you how to speak, listen, write and read, or in short, how to communicate focusing on fluency, precision and efficiency.

The basic contents of all our programmes include:

- How to present yourself and your company (structure, fields of business, responsibilities, strategy);
- Becoming familiar with cultural differences and formal and informal communication in differing countries;
- Business correspondence and telephoning;
- Increasing confidence for a foreign language conference, seminar or meeting;
- Language skills for travelling, and many more topical issues of everyday life.

Our classes do not focus exclusively on textbook contents; the textbook serves more as a guideline regarding grammar and topics, appended through authentic text materials and publications from the current business environment.


Our programmes and curriculum are based on recommendations laid out in the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” developed by the Council of Europe. Language competence has 6 basic levels comprising additional sublevels, so that our clients attend respective courses until they have mastered skills and competencies defined by that particular level.
Our language courses are therefore not standardised products. Our language training focuses in particular on the:

- Individual abilities and competences of our clients,
- Optimum load according to clients’ abilities and specific needs,
- Overcoming the fear of communicating in a foreign language.